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Advanced Class Guide
Advanced Race Guide

Pathfinder Unchained:
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Background Skills
Skill Unlocks
Stamina (Free for Fighters)
Auto Bonus Progression

Ultimate Campaign
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Equipment
Ultimate Intrigue (Playtest)
Ultimate Magic’

Adventruer’s Armory
Black Markets
Dirty Tactics Toolbox
Familliar Folio
Giant Hunter’s Handbook
Goblins of Golorian
Halflings of Golorian
Heroes of Golorian
Humans of Golorian
Melee Tactics Toolbox
Orcs of Golorian
Dungeons of Golorian
Inner Sea Magic
Inner Sea World Guide
Pathfinder Society Field Guide
Inneser Sea Primer
Faith of Purity
Faith of Balance

Extra Rules:
Coins Weigh Nothing

Allowed Material

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