The adventure begins
24-27 Calistril 4710 AR.

24 Calistril 4710 AR.

This tale begins on the banks of a small river, with 3 advenurers just sitting there, one of them having taken up a postion where his archery would be the most useful, one of them just napping on a treestump and the last of them fishing in the river. Life was calm for this merry band of mercenaries, known as the[NAME] .

The members of this group came from many different places in the world, and each and every one of them had managed to get to this meeting, where the Swordlord of Rostov had decided to give any adventurer that wanted to take the chance an oppertunity to carve out their own place in the world and make soemthing for themselves. But before that, let me introduce the mercenaries:

Hutts: The leader of the band. A soldier from Cheliax who decided to move east away from the corruption and insanity that was the devil goverment. He is a terrifying man, 6’ 7’’ and wields a greatsword as big as most grown men. When he fights an almost animalisitc rage shines through, and if you ever see his eyes like that… you better hope he’s on your side. His sword has been known to cleave both the man and the horse he was riding on in a single swing.

Reina Fugia: The 2nd member of the band, and the youngest. A witch from Irrisen, and a prodigy in arcane studies. Her demenor is generally quite laze and in many ways she looks like a young teenager, however she has knowledge far beyond her age and she has mastered several spells none of her peers could even fathom, her peers being wizard apprentices that had been studying for half a decade, where she only studied the arcane arts for a little over a year.

Aun Khra: A mysterious man from Razmiran and the final member of the group. He is not very useful in ordinary combat, however his honeyed tongue has gottent the group out of trouble several times in their past, and he has helped get them jobs worth more than the standard caravan guard jobs they had gotten before he entered the group. When the group found him he was dressed in what was most likely peasants robes, however he wore jewelry worth a few hundred gold pieces, so the band took their share and helped him get what he needed to survive in the wild, and after having defused what could have become a very dangerous situation with a Warlord from the River Kingdoms the Reina and Hutts agreed to include him in the band.

The group got their mission from the Swordlords of Rostov, from the regend of the Dragon throne himself, however there was 1 condition. They had to take a man with them that the swordlord knew they could trust, as insurance that the group didn’t resort to simple banditry. Their answer was the young noble Killbane Orlovsky and his body guard only known as Brom.

Killbane Orlovsky A noble from the Orlovsky family who is a formidable archer, even for an Orlovsky. He is not happy with the arrangement that he has to join a group of common mercenaries, however he did decide to join when his family allowed him to take his bodyguard Brom with him, albeit at his own expense. The Orlovsky family has long been renvowned for their fantastic archers and wizards, and often the regend the family decides to support ends up being in charge, however the family has not taken a stance in the delicate situation in Brevoy currently, but they will have to do that soon… But I don’t want to bore you any more with politics.

The newest addition of the adventuring group was introduced to his new companions and they decided to ride for Oleg’s trading post at the break of Dawn

- Lem

27-28 Calistril 4710 AR.

The band arrived at Oleg’s and became aware of a problem the post had been having for a few months, and to which the swordlords had done nothing, mostly beca… Right.. no politics.
At the trading post they met their final companion, who had gotten the same charter that they had from the Swordlords direclty, and he had been moving to the post on his own. This man was Aziz Al-Amir, who had arrived about half a day before the other 5.

Aziz Al-Amir: A very exotic individual. A man with the tail of a Jackal, and a face to match. A young prince from Osirion who has decided to travel the world to find his place. He fights with a Scimatar, a pretty unusual weapon in this part of the world, and Killbane has already teased him about how his swordfighting looks more like dancing than fighting. Nevertheless he is a very competent swordsman, and he even uses some exotic magic that is completely unknown to these parts of the world.

They decided to help Oleg and his wife Svetlana out, and the following morning they dealt with the bandits with brutal efficiency, forcing the 2 remaining bandits to help rebuild the trading post. The party found a mysterious amulet depicting a Stag on the leader of the bandits, and deduced that it was not a holy symbol of Erastil, since he despises jewelry.
The party decided to head out to take care of the bandit camp at the break of dawn the next day, to avoid the bandits getting suspicious about their companions not returning.

- Lem

Adventure Background
What led you here?

Brevoy is a proud land, known throughout Golarion for producing able warriors, regal nobles, and clever rogues. Yet Brevoy’s two regions, Issia and Rostland, have long held one another in contempt and now stand on the verge of civil war. Both Issia and Rostland were independent nations until Choral the Conqueror’s barbarian
armies and red dragon servitors united the regions into a single kingdom two centuries ago. Until recently, the iron rule of House Rogarvia maintained a fragile peace between the two regions. But a decade ago, House Rogarvia mysteriously disappeared, and the conniving leaders of Issia’s House Surtova supplanted them as Brevoy’s rulers. Now a labyrinthine political landscape plagues the nation, full of secret alliances, provincial loyalties, and nefarious plots; civil war seems inevitable. In Rostland to the south, the swordlords see in many of Issia’s recent political moves the swift approach of such a war. They rightly fear such an event, for Rostland is smaller than Issia, it has fewer armies, and its rolling hills and grasslands offer very little in the way of natural defenses. Worse, unlike Issia, whose northern border stretches along the Lake of Mists and Veils, which offers some defense, Rostland’s southern border lies along a stretch of wilderness infested with bandits and monsters. If Brevoy falls into civil war, it won’t be long at all before
the violent, opportunistic vultures to the south move to take advantage of Rostland’s problems.

This southern region of wilderness is called the Stolen Lands. While these lands are technically a part of the River Kingdoms, several of which have advanced claims in the past, Rostland has long viewed them as “stolen” from it by bandits and monsters. Many attempts have been made to settle the Stolen Lands, but to date, none have succeeded, making these 33,000 square miles of unclaimed wilderness the largest swath of unclaimed land in the entire River Kingdoms. As tensions mount in Brevoy, some of Rostland’s swordlords hope to change that fact; they have issued charters to several groups of adventurers, sending them south into the Stolen Lands. These initial charters are simple enough: re-open the old trade routes along the rivers and scatter or defeat the bandits who have made them too dangerous to use. Beyond that, it seems apparent that Rostland wants to encourage new nations to grow in this region—and believes that by supporting these nascent kingdoms as allies, it’ll gain loyal support in any coming conflict with Issia. It’s a bold and brilliant political move—for if Rostland turned its own resources to the task, not only would such a move weaken its defenses against the north, but the blatant power grab would certainly force Issia’s hand. By sending free agents south, the swordlords of Rostland hope to
create new allies without sacrificing their own position of power in Brevoy.

Yet as with most complex and brilliant plans, there are plenty of opportunities for disaster.


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